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Crash survivor says motorcycle gear saved life

Crash survivor says motorcycle gear saved life

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A Sioux Falls motorcyclist is recovering from a multiple-vehicle crash Friday night.

People who saw the accident said the driver was lucky to be wearing his helmet, and that could have saved his life.

One woman got into an accident after having her bike for eight days

She said not wearing your helmet is a risk, but it is not one she was willing to take.

Wendy Wulf was in a motorcycle accident last July.

"I did have luck that day because I do still have all of my body with me, it's all in tact. Yes, it hurts, but I'm in one piece," Wulf said.

She was wearing all of her motorcycle gear.

She said her left foot took the bulk of the impact.

"The bottom of my boot is melted. It actually took the grommets and the first three laces on my left boot were just sheered off and the second one up was cauterized from all of the heat and the friction," Wulf explained.

She kept all of the clothes she was wearing that day as a reminder, "The officer said twice, that he couldn't believe that I had made it through the crash because he said. 'we have these all the time and the rider never makes it,'" Wulf said.

Wulf gave up the motorcycle for now, but said it is a house rule to wear the proper safety gear.
Because she knows all too well what can happen if you do not.

"The difference of me walking away and not walking away is one foot. I missed the truck by one foot. And my husband watched this," she said.

Wulf added her knee was the only injury and that was the only place she was not wearing proper gear.

She said when she is out, she gets shivers and goose bumps when she sees people not wearing the right clothes.

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