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Harrisburg High School splits learning styles

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The Harrisburg School Board unanimously voted to have a split learning style for freshmen and sophomores.

This means parents can choose if they want their children in more individualized instruction classes or the traditional classrooms.

It puts more responsibility on the students.

But some parents do not agree it is the best idea for their kids.

Last year Harrisburg High School started Modular Mass Customized Learning and changed how incoming freshmen learn.

"What a student has to do is demonstrate mastery in each one of those targets to finish a measurement topic to move on to the next. The measurement topics are really kind of standards, and they make up a course," said Harrisburg High School Principal, Kevin Lein.

He added the freshmen have been excelling with this new style, "Better attendance, fewer behaviors and better GPAs. So those three things overall, globally, for the kids have been great,"

Monday night, the School Board voted to have a split learning style.

So, parents are able to choose if they want their child to continue with Mod MCL or go back to traditional learning.

The majority of freshmen students will be continuing with the Mod MCL.

"It's exciting to see when you give the kids opportunity to continue to grow that they just go beyond what you would expect," said Vice Chair for Harrisburg School Board, Juanita Schmunk.

She supports the new learning style.

Some parents at the school board meeting say they do not like the new way.

They said they d not want their kids to be "guinea pigs."

Even though they can choose to go the traditional route, they are looking for a new school.

But Schmunk said it is exciting to see kids take advantage of class.

"Kids really get it. They're mastering the content that they want and they're moving forward with great confidence and that's what we're really seeing from these students," said Schmunk.

Principal Lein added the teachers are able to help each student at the pace they need.

This way they can help more individually, instead of as a large group.
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