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Does It Work? Wonder Wax

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Our morning anchor Nancy Naeve has been busy again, testing some of the "As Seen on TV" products you see on commercials and on some store shelves. When you see them, don’t you wonder if they work? Nancy tests a hair removal product this time around.
So, we're going to check out the Wonder Wax that's not supposed to stick, no mess, no pain, but does it work?
Here's part of the commercial:
"Introducing Wonder Wax: The gentle, safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home. Simply warm it in the microwave and apply. Then, gently remove for perfect, virtually pain-free results every time."
The first order of business is microwaving the wax that comes in this little cup. We'll set the microwave at two minutes....This should be the consistency of honey. After it comes out of the microwave we'll let it sit for three minutes.
We're ready to try our Wonder Wax. Now, you didn't think I was going to try it on my armpits? Did you? No, I enlisted my friend, Jeff Cleland. He's always my little guinea pig. So, are you Ready Jeff? 
"Um, no, " Jeff said.
Hopefully this doesn't spill, is that hot?
"No, but it's kind of sticky," Jeff said.
Yep it sure is. Before he did this he washed his leg where we're doing this.
"Oh, that's kind of warm. Okay, are we done?" Jeff said.
We're not done yet. He washed his leg and dried it. After we put it on we're going to let it sit and hopefully peel it off with no pain. Right, Cleland? Ready? Okay, 1, 2, 3!
(Jeff has a painful reaction)
Did that hurt?
"Yes, yes, that hurts," Jeff said.
Look, it works like a charm for me but this isn't my hair. Oh, Cle, look at how smooth that is. Now you can't reuse this, nor would you want to because it has a lot of boy hair on it. 
"Yeah, that hurts," Jeff cringes.
Let me just get that for you (I pull off a glob of the wax with hair on it) .I don't know if I could do anymore of these with you. (I'm laughing uncontrollably)
"I don't think chicks are going to be that hairy, though," Jeff laughed.
Oh, but look at that, other than this little glob...oh, that was hair. Alright, I'm going to say it works. What do you think, Cle? 
"Yeah, that works. But it hurts. It works. Yay!" Jeff said.
Do you want this? (Referring to the wax with his hair stuck to it) Let's go show people in the news room.
Besides the pain Jeff experienced, Nancy said it is a sticky mess, but it did get rid of the hair. The cost is around $10.
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