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State Rep. Steve Hickey's views on gay sex gains national attention

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South Dakota state representative Steve Hickey is making national headlines for a Facebook post he made online.

In the Sioux Falls Republican's post, he compares homosexual sex to a one way alley for a garbage truck.

KSFY News spoke with Hickey about his comments.

He wanted the letter published in the Argus Leader as a letter to the editor.

The Argus didn't publish his letter and he got a lot more than he bargained for, now he's getting a backlash on social media and calls from newspapers nationwide.

State representative and pastor Steve Hickey had no idea his letter comparing gay sex to a one way alley for a garbage truck would receive so much attention.

"Everybody says are you happy with this outcome, no, I'm not, I grieve, because what get's lost in all of this, and all the hate that comes towards me, and I'm not putting back, there's no hate in my letter, it's a letter about the health community," Hickey said.

A letter Hickey said is not about his role in the church or the legislature.

"The practice of homosexuality is not good for the human body and therefore do we want to legitimize that in society as acceptable and normal, and it turns into adoption for kids and all this kind of stuff, it's a bigger question," Hickey said.

And it's those types of comments the South Dakota Democratic Party considers questionable.

South Dakota Democratic Party executive director Zach Crago said "these are the kind of comments that you really expect to hear in a bygone era, comments that would come straight out of Jim Crow himself, so to speak. They're not something that you expect to hear today, and especially not here in South Dakota."

"They came up with all of these statements about gays, and hate and all of that and you won't find that in the letter that I wrote," Hickey said.

"But by cordoning them off, you are in effect making that isolation deeper, and that feeling of discrimination and persecution stronger," Crago said.

The South Dakota Democratic Party has asked the governor and state legislature to denounce Hickey's comments.

Hickey admits he got himself in trouble with his analogy but stands by what he wrote online.
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