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Does It Work? Wipe New

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Before and after on part of the KSFY car bumper. Before and after on part of the KSFY car bumper.
"As Seen on TV" products have a way of convincing of us to part with our hard earned money in exchange for convenience. One of those items claims to restore parts of our cars to make it look new again. Nancy Naeve tests “Wipe New" to see if it works.
Take a look at the top of our back bumper. This used to be black when we got it in 2005. Hopefully after Wipe New it will be again.  
Here's part of the commercial: "Introducing Wipe New, the world's longest lasting solution for restoring and protecting your vehicle. And we guarantee it to last for years. Just apply Wipe New once; it's quick and easy to do. Just one swipe and watch your car turn show room new."  
 In your kit you get two yellow rags that you have to throw away after they get dirty and the product. Now it's expensive, it's $19.99 for this little bit. But they say it will go a long way. And they advise, strongly advise you to wear gloves.
Shake well. And again, they said a little goes a long way. So we'll dab some in the corner. It comes out fast. Oh yeah, it's smelly. I'm going to fold it over. That is stinky. I'm just going to start here and go down.
 It does work immediately. Now, they are not really specific on what's in this and if it's acetone or not. It sure smells pretty strong. But it is changing the chemical compound and taking off that gray muck. We'll see if we can get all the way down there. 
And they say be very careful not to get it on the paint. That's why I'm doing it on a KSFY car, because this thing is already been beat up pretty good. We put a lot of miles on these things. So be very careful when you're doing this if you do it. 
And if this does work and it restores it like it says it will for years and through rain and car washes, in the long run it’s much cheaper than this part would be if you're going to replace it. 
I have to tell you, for the few minutes, at best, that it took me to do this and how easy it was and how good it looks, I say it works. Wipe New, New Wipe,  Go baby! 
As you saw with our 2005 Ford Freestyle, Wipe New can't cover up the scratches and scrapes on the plastic, but it certainly improved the color. Nancy found her Wipe New at Walgreens in the "As Seen on TV" section for $19.99.

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