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Makeup "May-Hem": Eye Shadow

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Annie Wingen (right) Hayley Lutterman (left) Annie Wingen (right) Hayley Lutterman (left)
    This week in Makeup "May-Hem" we talked about applying eye-shadow. Again like last week the main thing to remember is "blend, blend, blend!" I like to think this look we're going for is pretty versatile, something that can go from day to night with just a couple minor tweaks. I always like to start out with a cream eye-shadow or eye-shadow crayon as a base, to hold the powder better, and make the colors more vibrant.
    Then I go to my base color, something light and around the same color as your skin tone, and apply that all over the lid, up to the brow bone. After that, I pick a middle shade, something between that skin tone shade we just used, and the darkest shade we plan to use. And with that I start blending into the crease lightly, you can start in circular motions on the outside of your eye and then wind shield wiper motions right above your eye socket.
    Once that is blended nicely you can go in with you darkest color, and make a "V" like shape on the outer 3rd of your eye lid, then use a clean fluffy brush to blend that in nicely.
    The last few things, are eyeliner and mascara, for eyeliner try to follow closely to your lash line, I like using felt tip eyeliner pens. You can start with just a little line for the day, then add the more dramatic line later on, by just making the line wider, or flicking it out on the end to make a cat eye affect.
    Catch back up with us next week! We are doing the "Twenty Dollar Makeup Challenge"! Finding everything you need to complete and entire makeup look for just $20!
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