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Does It Work?

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Last time our Nancy Naeve helped bring back to life a bumper on a KSFY Cruiser. Now she's trying to shine our bathroom floor. It's part of her segment 'Does It Work?' and she's testing the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop to see if it leaves everything in the dust.
I don't think anybody really likes to mop, but if you're going to do it you'd like a lightweight one and you would also like it to work.  Here is the commercial for the Hurricane Spin Mop.  
"It's time to get off your hands and knees and say hello to the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop.  It’s a system that cleans practically anything and everything, and uses patented centrifugal spinning technology, so you are using a clean mop to leave your floor spick and span."
Here is the bucket, and it’s lightweight too.  There is a fill line, but it’s really hard to see and it’s hard to get water in here if you don't have one of those hoses.  Here is the mop.  It's very lightweight.  I am going to dip it in.  It says you will never have to touch dirty water again.  I stick it in the centrifugal force thing.  I'm in the girl’s bathroom at KSFY, and I don't think anyone likes to clean the bathroom especially, because it is always dirty and here we have a lot of hairspray because we all get ready in here.  C'mon now.  Spin.  Do I have to turn it?  I'm a Swiffer girl, so you can tell I don't do a lot of mopping.  Those do get expensive because you have to buy all the Swiffer pads. 
 Not that anybody has ketchup in the bathroom, but let's just see if it works with this.  Oh, yeah.  So now there is ketchup on my mop.  Let's see if this comes out. (Pumping with my foot)  I do love this part the best.
  It is lightweight.  It did clean up the ketchup.  I feel like I got some of the hairspray off.  I say it works.  KSFY, you owe me.  I do not get paid to clean.  I need a raise.
The mop costs $40 and water does fly out when you are ringing it out, but otherwise works like a cleaning machine charm.
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