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Survey South Dakota: Overwhelming Support for Keystone XL, Minimum Wage

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 Tonight we're unveiling the results of our exclusive Survey South Dakota poll concerning the main issues on your mind as we head into the election season. 
 750 South Dakota adults were questioned for this poll from May 6th through May 10th by Survey USA on behalf of KSFY, the Aberdeen American News and KOTA Television in Rapid City.
 This poll shows overwhelming support for two issues...and overwhelming concerning for a third.
 One of the issues our Survey South Dakota covered was Initiated Measure 18.
 It will be on the November ballot and would increase the minimum wage in South Dakota from $7.25 to $8.50 an hour.
 Of the 750 polled, 61% of them say they support an increase.
 Jay Leve is a political analyst with Survey USA. "The vast majority of voters are saying I ...and people like myself...should get a fair wage and thats reflected in the support you see for Measure 18."
 Penne Dean is one of the 750 people who took our survey and says, she doesn't support an increase. "Most minimum wage type companies, especially in the Sioux Falls area, already pay more than that. I really think we need to let the market determine what the cost is for people."
 Jarid Kvale also took part in Survey South Dakota. "I go back and forth on minimum wage all the time. I would love it if wages were higher."
 Our poll also asked if people supported or opposed the construction of the Keystone XLl pipeline, which would carry oil from Canada through South Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico.
 Again, 61% of those questioned say they support pipeline construction.
 Dave Lewis was question for our survey and says he is 100% behind this idea."It gives us jobs but i think more importantly we have to eliminate all the oil and gas we have to buy from the Middle East."
 We also asked people if the Affordable Care Act...Obamacare....will be on their minds when they cast their ballots.
 Again, 61% say it will be a major factor in determining who they vote for and support. Jay Leve tells us, "That group of voters is saying I am going to vote into office people who I think are going to help get the health care reform of 2010 replaced with something else..."
 Penne Dean tells us she believes the long term legacy of Obamacare will be the financial burden it places on the economy...both local and national. "But its only a matter of time I think before all small businesses are affected. I am very concerned about the premiums that we would be paying and the coverage we would be getting."
 Keep in mind our poll has a margin of error of 4.5% points.
 But these three issues are overwhelmingly outside the margin of error in their level of support and concern.
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