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Tire age may be a safety concern

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The NTSB is starting to investigate tire age.

They say an older tire can lead to dangerous accidents.

Ford, GM and Chrysler all urge motorists to replace tires that are six years old or more.

But the Rubber Manufacturers Association says age doesn't matter - and have no standards on tire age.

To find your tire's age, you can check the date code that's on your tire.

It's written on the side of the tire as the week and the year. So if it says 2013 that’s May of 2013.

But, the service manager at Graham Tires said as long as tires are stored properly, the age shouldn't matter.

Does the age of your tire make a difference?

Some car companies say yes, and that you should get new tires every six years.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association say no.

"Right now they have no set standards on dates as far as the date codes there is no recommendation how far you can run a tire," said Gary Miles the Service Manager at Graham Tires in Sioux Falls.

He believes there should be some type of limitations on tires and it's up to the driver to know their age.

"I believe they should constantly be checking date codes, do it when their car gets inspected, find out exactly how old the tires are on their cars," he added.

Safety advocates say the tires should be replaced after six years, no matter if they've been driven on or not.

But Miles thinks the tire life depends more on how it's stored and driven.

Because if it's a controlled environment they're not exposed to heat and driving a car in warm, humid climates can dry a tire out.

He said when a tire does get old, the tread breaks down.

"It starts to deteriorate as far as the weather compound and the weather crack and sometimes it can leak through the weather cracking," Miles explained.

Although he doesn't think new tires every six years are necessary, Miles does say it's important to know where your tires are stored before you buy them.

Miles added you should check all four of your tires for their age because they could be different.

And the date code could be on the outside or inside of your tire depending on how it was molded.

But where ever you get your oil changed can check for you.

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