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Some apartment dwellers left in the cold

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With the below normal temperatures we've been experiencing, many of us have been turning up our thermostats. But, some people living in apartments don't have that option. And it's because of a city ordinance.

The city ordinance states that landlords or property owners only have to furnish heat to their tenants from September 1 through April 30. This has left some apartment dwellers in the cold.

"I had it all the way over and nothing happened. The radiator was ice cold," said Greg Allis, neighbor who's upset about the ordinance.

Greg Allis lives in an apartment. He had no idea that a city ordinance only requires landowners or property owners to furnish heat to their tenants from September 1 through April 30.

"I really think the city ordinance should be changed and a little variance either way because it does get cold in September and if this is any kind of a sign of weather pattern that could be starting next winter it could be a a lot worse," said Allis.

Allis turned to Sioux Falls City Councilman Greg Jamison with his concerns.

"It takes cases like this where somebody calls and complains and is concerned about an issue like this for the council to maybe be aware of the parameters that were out in place. And now it's time to maybe double check to see if those dates are right. Maybe we need to consider a longer term. We're only excluding four months of the year. Do we really need any dates?" said Jamison.

Rodney Fitts of Rod's Property manages the complex Allis lives at. He feels the ordinance shouldn't be changed. He calls it somewhat of a balancing act trying to maintain a comfortable temperature for his tenants.

"It's a balance between obviously it's their home and its our business too and so we want to manage and  balance our costs.  But in this particular situation when we see the temperatures cooling off and staying cool, we turn the boilers back on," said Fitts.
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