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International beef buyers have an appetite for American meat

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Here in the Midwest, everyone knows where beef and pork comes from... the farm.

But a group of international meat buyers decided to visit a few local farms to see where some of their favorites U.S. meat products originate.

KSFY News spoke with a few importers to find out why it was so important to make this trip.

There's a convention of the U.S. Meat Export Federation in Kansas City later this week.

American beef and pork products have a worldwide reputation for being the best.

So a few beef buyers from Asia and the former Soviet Union came to visit an Iowa farm to see if they're getting their money's worth.

Monday at Rock River Feeders, it's an international meet and and greet for beef buyers. They told KSFY News why they've developed an appetite for American meat.

Importer Shalva Akhalkatsi said "quality." 

U.S. Meat  Export Federation director Sabrina Yin said "oh, it's the flavor."

Importer Vladimir Kalashlinskay said "quality, smell, flavor, everything."

And that's what brought these trade teams from around the world to Kent Pruismann's farm in Iowa.

"Iowa has always been, has had a reputation for the highest quality beef in the world. this showcases that in my opinion," Pruismann said.

"In order to convince the user that we are serving them a quality product, a value for the price that they paid for, and that's why they have to come here and take a look with their own eyes," Yin said.

"We have only two farms. It's only been two or three years for these farms, how do you say... it's not enough for our country, Ukraine is quite big," Kalashlinskay said.

"In my whole life, this is the first American farm I've ever visited," Akhalkatsi said.

Several of the importers got a taste of what they like about American beef.

"I can differentiate american beef for brazilian beef and for me it is preferable and it will be preferable all the time," Akhalkatsi said.

"U.S. beef in my region has been classified in a high category, because of the marbling, the flavor, and the tenderness," Yin said.

The buyers left the farm with the knowledge of where their food comes from in the U.S.

"Everyday we know the quality if the product, everyday we know it will be the same as it was yesterday and it will be the same tomorrow," Akhalkatsi said.

U.S. beef is considered the best of the best.

The cattle producers say every part of the cow is valuable to someone, somewhere. 

They said the only part that doesn't get sold is the "moo."
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