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Mother duck makes nest in front porch flower pot in Sioux Falls

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Many people are out planting flowers or trees in the front yard this time of year, but one Sioux Falls household has a different sign of fresh life in the yard this year.

“My husband called me at work and asked me if I had put eggs in the front flower pot and I said no, why would I do that? But then he said we have three big eggs in the flower pot,” said Sioux Falls homeowner Gelene Vannoort.

A mother duck found the perfect window to build her nest on Pete and Gelene Vannoort’s front porch.

“Normally there would have been flowers in there by now but it’s been too cold. I didn't get any flowers in and she claimed it as home,” said Vannoort.

Over the past few weeks the duck has diligently sat on her nine eggs, or at least watched them from afar.

“If we're around doing yard work or something, she'll fly away and sit up on our neighbor’s rooftop and watch us,” said Vannoort.

But as the time to hatch gets closer, the mamma duck is getting more protective.

“One poor traveling door to door salesman came by and he didn't know she was there, and as soon as he got close she flew up and scared everything out of him,” said Vannoort.

Since then, Vannoort put up a warning for everyone who comes to her front door.

“I didn't want my UPS or Fedex man to be dropping packages and breaking them so I put up signs across the way,” said Vannoort.

Even Vannoort avoids using the front door, but she’s keeping track of the mother duck through her front window.

“She's just fun to watch, I just go outside and peak out the window every now and then to see if she's still there,” said Vannoort.

After sharing a photo of the duck’s nest on Facebook, a lot of others have joined in on the Vannoort’s spring entertainment.

“My daughter wrote me the other day and said you've got to name that duck, I think you should call her Mallory Mallard, but we just call her mamma duck,” said Vannoort.

The family is not sure when the ducklings will hatch but they’re planning to have some water available nearby just in case the momma duck decides to call their front yard home a little longer.
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