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$750 in merchandise shoplifted from Coquette Couture

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The Bridges at 57th is a booming development in Sioux Falls' growing Southwest side.

But one customer is an unwelcome guest -- owners say she's stolen from quite a few of the shops.

The owner of Coquette Couture said she doesn't know the woman, but said she's seen her in the store multiple times and even got her on camera stealing more than once.

The problem is, the woman knows what she's doing and doesn't let her face get caught on camera.

When Kayleen Leonard got into work Friday morning she said she noticed right away things were missing.

"I looked at surveillance and saw the woman stealing almost $750 worth of merchandise," she said.

The video only lasts about five minutes.

"She did that much damage that quick," Leonard said.

The woman stole three bags, a few scarves and a couple watches.

"The amount she stole is probably a years worth of shrinkage that we should be experiencing, so that's why we're extremely angry about this," she explained.

The woman walked around the store perusing sizes and prices.

"It's pretty crazy how well her process has been perfected," said Leonard.

And then, she strikes.

"We have a customer that's in at the time, so then immediately she goes probably in her little theft mode," she explained.

Leonard said the woman kept looking at the employee to make sure she wasn't watching.

"She turns and she continues to walk out, but the best thing is she says 'thank you' and she walks right out the door," she said.

Police say having cameras can help deter thieves but there's only so much businesses can do.

"There's not one magic thing any business can do to protect themselves from shoplifting, it's something that happens," said Sioux Falls Police Officer, Sam Clemens.

Leonard believes the woman's demeanor shows she's a pro and has been doing this for a long time.

"I don't have the mind of a thief so I don't know, but if I would guess she's done this a lot by how calm she is," Leonard explained.

Leonard believes this is how the woman makes her living by stealing from shops and selling the product herself.

If you recognize the woman in the video, please contact police.

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