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Defense continues arguing Kruthoff's case should be moved to juvenile court

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Attorneys for a Watertown teenager charged in a fatal shooting in Sioux Falls want his case moved to juvenile court.
Eighteen-year-old Trevor Kruthoff was 17 when he was charged with murder in adult court in the Dec. 2 shooting death of 20-year-old Jordan LeBeau and the wounding of his 48-year-old father. Authorities say the shooting resulted from a botched robbery attempt. Several others also are charged.
Steve Van Bockern, a representative with Reclaiming Youth International, testified Friday that Kruthoff would be better served in the juvenile system.

Kruthoff's parents said in court Thursday that he is a good kid who was hanging out with the wrong group of friends.
Kruthoff is accused of firing the shot that killed Jordan LeBeau. Prosecutors say his age at the time doesn't diminish the severity of the alleged crime.

It was an emotional testimony for Jordan LeBeau's father, Jason LeBeau, as he recounted that fateful day last Dec.

Jason went through the events as his son's killer sat feet away from him in the court room.

"When I come home it was like 'hey Jordy I'm home' to let him know I'm home you know. Jordy always usually hollered up the stairs 'hey
Dad what's going' on letting me know that hhe'saround, that everything's okay," said LeBeau.

But on that day, Dec. 2 of last year, he didn't hear Jordan's usual response.

Jason LeBeau runs downstairs and sees Brian Anderson on top of his son in the utility room. Jordan was still conscious. Trevor Kruthoff was on his right side.

Jordan's dad starts hitting Anderson when Anderson yells to Kruthoff.

"He's yelling shoot him and then there was a pause and then shoot him, shoot him again. When he said shoot 'em, back of my mind I'm thinking he's got a gun," said LeBeau.

When Jason LeBeau turns around, the gun is just feet away from him and he is shot. He collapses to the ground.

Just seconds later, LeBeau sees his son alive for the last time.

"After Brian says shoot him, shoot him -- Jordan says no, don't," said LeBeau.

Kruthoff had just pulled the trigger on Jordan LeBeau.

"I'm laying face down and I hear the second shot and I see my son coming down and I hear him go thump," said LeBeau.

Once Anderson and Kruthoff flee the scene, an injured Jason LeBeau must make his way upstairs to find his phone to call for help.
"I tell Jordan 'I love you very much and to hang on and  go to Jesus Christ' because I had to give him that chance. I had to. But I didn't know he was dead," said LeBeau.

The prosecution argued again on Friday that Kruthoff should face adult consequences for his crime. His defense argued the public can be protected and they can be best protected if they don't put Kruthoff in an adult environment.

The judge has yet to reach a decision on whether Kruthoff's trial will be moved to juvenile court.

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