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Avera Medical Minute ASH: Giving Yankton the Performance Edge

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To help reach their goals many people turn to personal trainers but have you ever had your own personal coach? If you live in Anton, a former NFL strength and conditioning coach is looking to help everyday folks and athletes get a competitive advantage.

"Let's see you tuck and then we will roll out into a push-up." said Mark Roozen, the director of Performance Edge Training Systems.

Just a few months ago this workout would have been impossible for Ronette Karstens to accomplish.

"I kind of made the decision for my New Year's resolution to try and change my lifestyle with eating and things like that and working out." said Karstens, a school teacher from Gayville.

To ensure her resolution stuck, Ronette has been under the tutelage of Mark Roozen and his Performance Edge Training Systems powered by Avera.

"You want to get to the point where you can continue this activity on a regular basis to when you're 80 years old and include fitness and performance and wellness into your lifestyle. It's not just say I'm going to do it for six months or a year and then say I'm not going to do anymore because I can't maintain that program." said Roozen.

Mark is a Gayville-Volin native and most recently served as the strength and conditioning coach for the NFL's Cleveland Browns. Using his more than 30 years of experience Mark has developed a program that is all about helping the body move and work like it should.

"So we look and say how does the body function as one unit? So like say if my shoulder is really killing me or maybe it's because I have a tight hip or a tight back, we look from the ground up of how we want to train somebody and implement that into our young kids all the way to our seniors." said Roozen.

Much like the Warwick Workouts and the Avera Sports Institute in Sioux Falls, part of Mark's desire to return home was to give athletes in the Yankton region access to top-tier performance programs and training education.

"Our movement skills for life program which is pretty much young kids and teaching some of the basics. Not necessarily using weights but using their own body movements in teaching balance, how to skip, hop, how to do some of those kind of things like kick a ball and throw ball." said Roozen.

Yes, he did train NFL stars but Ronette is proof that Mark's program is individualized to the person and can be applied to anyone willing to put in the work.

"She would be one of my NFL guys, you know a high-level NFL guy that you say hey let's do this and she wants to do it and even do more." said Roozen.

In just four months she's shed 60 pounds and has gained plenty of confidence and a love for fitness.

"You know I've been on a diet before and lost a few pounds but never anything like this. I never thought I would stick to it like this and when I started I could barely do a girl push-up and now I can do boy push-ups! which is awesome!" said Karstens.

With "Coach Rozy's" continuing support and guidance, Ronette's lifestyle has done a complete 180 and has changed right along with her shrinking body.

"People of asked do you have a goal weight? I don't. I'm just going keep working hard and just try to do the best I can and make it a life change instead of just a couple months." said Karstens.

Mark's program has already had a "soft launch" in the Yankton and surrounding communities but the camps and athletic training are set to take off later this week. For more information about Performance Edge Training Systems just call 877-AT-AVERA.
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