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Local Veteran in Bergdahl's platoon reacts to his release

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This week an American soldier was released from Taliban capture.

The US traded Bowe Bergdahl for five prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

A local Veteran was in Bergdahl's platoon and he doesn't think the swap was the best idea, because there were questions surrounding Bergdahl's capture.

But more than anything, he isn't pleased with how politicians are reacting.

"He didn't really try to go out of his way to make friends or be buddy-buddy with anyone. Very quiet," said Matt Vierkant.

He was in the same platoon as Bowe Bergdahl when he was taken captive by the Afghanistan Taliban.

"He was a private at the time I was a sergeant. I was a team leader, so I didn't have very much personal interaction, but I knew him on a work level," he explained.

Vierkant was there the day Bergdahl went missing.

He says immediately the search was on.

"It happened pretty fast and in a hurry, we didn't waste anytime to start the search," Vierkant said.

But there's some dispute over his disappearance.

"There's no doubt in my mind that he deserted. He left his weapon, body armor and his equipment and walked off. There's no reason to do that unless you are deserting," he said.

Six US solders died while searching for Bergdahl, which doesn't sit well with Vierkant.

"Makes me disgusted, angry. Makes me resent him. Many mixed emotions," he added.

The US traded Bergdahl's release for the release of five prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

"It's definitely too high of a price to pay with uncertainties," he continued.

But now he hopes they're able to get to the bottom of Bergdahl's disappearance.

"Just all the unanswered questions that somewhat only he can answer," he said.

Vierkant said Bergdahl's release is becoming political, which is not what he wants.

"What I'm trying to do and people in my platoon and people in the army throughout the whole military we're trying to get the truth to come out and the answer to come out, we're not politically motivated at all. Politics have nothing to do with it, absolutely zero to do with it and to say that they do is completely ridiculous," Vierkant said.

Vierkant said deserting has never crossed his mind.

Because you're in a dangerous place and there's no reason to just walk off site.

Classified military documents posted by Wiki-leaks show Taliban communications after Bergdahl's capture.

In one us radio intercept, a Taliban fighter speculates Bergdahl was quote "a big shot."

the documents show the Taliban initially wanted to trade the american for 15 prisoners and cash.

The US Army wouldn't comment on the Wiki-leaks documents.

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