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Gnats out in full force

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If you've spend any time outside recently, you've probably noticed an ever-present pest interrupting your outdoor activities. Gnats are out in full force right now.  

"I was itching really bad and I was like what's going on and so I looked and I had a nice line of gnat bites right along my shoulder," said Ali Ramsley/

Ramsley says there's one way to describe gnats.

"Very annoying," said Ramsley.
Ramsley just can't seem to escape the gnats.

"They were so bad I was literally sitting on a  chair with a towel over my head so that they wouldn't go anywhere near me," said Ramsley.

Ross Blank-Libra is an environmental science teacher. He says most insects have a cycle they go through and this time of the year seems to be the time gnats are out in full force.
"My mother always told me that usually coincides with the blooming of the lilacs. Once a lilac starts blooming, the gnats come up and then generally shortly after the lilacs are done, then the gnats start disappearing. They seem to be everywhere. You get out into the woods. You get out into the grasslands next to the lake. Apparently they're very opportunistic," said Blank-Libra.

Blank-Libra says gnats are a different species than mosquitoes but he says one thing they have in common -- they're both pesky insects.
"They have more of a bite as far as I know so they're just a royal pain," said Blank-Libra.

Blank-Libra says any kind of insect repellent with DEET is going to help with these pesky gnats. He also says bat houses and insect feeders can help the gnat situation around your home.

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