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Avera Medical Minute AQoP: Keeping patients calm during abnormal deliveries

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Jarrytt Culver can thank Dr. Michale Krause for a safe delivery Jarrytt Culver can thank Dr. Michale Krause for a safe delivery
For the past week, the Avera Medical Minute has focused on several stories about getting ready for baby. The classes to take and the changes parents make. But even with all that preparation sometimes the unexpected happens.

"It was the scariest day of my life." said KaeLynn Culver.
It was supposed to be a routine checkup. KaeLynn's pregnancy was by all counts normal. But at 37 weeks Dr. Michael Krause scheduled an ultrasound to make sure her unborn son Jarrytt was doing alright.  

"After about three minutes he said there's no fluid around him and he said we will induce you tomorrow. I kind of looked at him and I got real nervous and he said are you going to be okay with that? and I said well, will the baby be okay till tomorrow? So then he said we will just induce you tonight." said Culver.

After five hours of labor, Jarrytt James Culver was born. A little small, but healthy.

"When you look at how the growth restriction had affected him we had less than the 5th percentile we had an estimated weight of 5 lbs. 2 oz. and he was actually 4 lbs. 9 oz. so it was even more significant." said Dr. Krause.

Jarrytt's slow growth and the lack of fluid in the womb was caused by his umbilical cord not attaching correctly onto the placenta. It's a serious condition that Dr. Krause monitored but made sure KaeLynn was focused and calm during delivery.

"It was like he focused on our biggest problem, which was that there is no fluid so we needed to get that baby out and then we will deal with the problems if there are any and so his biggest concern was just getting him out." said Culver.

"Afterwards we sat down and talked with the patient about what was going on and what potentially could've happened and that's when they really kind of understood how fortunate they are." said Dr. Krause.

Jarrytt's condition has a high rate of stillbirths. It was no fault of his parents just an unlucky flip of the coin. However, luck was on his side in that Dr. Krause was taking care of him and his mother.  

"Knowing that if we waited 21 days that my son wouldn't have been alive was the hardest thing I've ever had to hear." said Culver.

Dr. Krause has a quite confidence about him, KaeLynn says it's because of that confidence, she was able to get through that frightening situation

"I don't know why we decided to do an ultrasound that day, I don't know why because in my experience you don't do a whole lot of ultrasounds after the 20 week one and we did it and between Dr. Krause and this hospital staff, they saved my son." said Culver.

Now Jarrytt is just like your average everyday 5-year old. He's got a love for trains and is bursting with energy. He's not a baby anymore, but outcomes like his are the benchmark for every obstetrician.

"Every baby makes it worth it, it's the most fun part of our job seeing a healthy baby go home with their mom and dad." said Dr. Krause.

The condition that affected KaeLynn's delivery is called a velamentous cord insertion and it only happens in one percent of all pregnancies. As ultrasound gets better it's becoming easier for doctors to catch earlier and treat effectively. For more information about high risk pregnancy just call 877-AT-AVERA.
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