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Minnesota family's basement flooded twice

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Lots of homes were hit hard by all the crazy weather we've had.

One Minnesota family's basement was flooded almost to the ceiling.

Their basement was finished and that's where their son's bedroom was.

And now it's destroyed.

Most of the family wasn't home when it happened, but their son saw the whole thing.

"Within about, I'd say about seven minutes, it was already as high as the water got. The water got i'd say about a foot from the ceiling here," said Brandon VanderZiel.

He was home alone last Saturday when his basement started to flood.

"I looked down the stairs and we had a deep freezer floating here a dryer floating here," he added.

His parents were camping, but they told him over the phone to get to a neighbors house.

"I never thought I'd see water in my basement as high as my head here," he said.

As he was driving away he looked in his bedroom window

"This light was on and my bed was floating about a foot from the ceiling and all my clothes were still down here, all my college stuff," Brandon explained.

"Everything else in the house didn't matter, nothing mattered, I was just happy that Brandon was OK and that we would be alright," said Brandon's mother, Brenda.

Once his parents got home the family thought they were in the clear.

"We got it all cleaned out Sunday and Monday comes along and hail hits all the windows and breaks all of those and tears the roof apart takes the siding off," said Brandon.

And this time, it was mud.

"It left the mud pile probably about this high throughout the whole entire basement," added Brandon.

The family cleaned up their now gutted basement for the second time in as many days.

"That's the least of it because I just wanted my son to be OK and that was the only thing that we were worried about," Brenda said.

"What can you do in this situation besides shake your head and move on. You have to be thankful for what you have left," Brandon said.

The family was able to save a few things like their photo albums.

They aren't keeping the albums in the house for now because they're afraid the flooding will happen again.


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