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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Spotlight on Men's Fitness

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Gary Gaspar does a bench press with personal trainer Mark Shane Gary Gaspar does a bench press with personal trainer Mark Shane

            Well it's officially summer and men, there's still time to get your beach body in proper shape. How do you do that? well a little coaching can give your workouts the boost they need. The sun might still be sleeping but Gary Gaspar is up and at 'em, breaking a good sweat.

"You know the main thing for me is it jump starts my day and helps me a lot with energy. I feel a lot better all day long if I exercise. But if I miss a day I noticed that I feel a lot more tired and lethargic, plus it helps me control my weight and I'm trying to avoid reaching age 50." said Gaspar.

            It's taken a lot of dedication for Gary to get in the shape he's in, but he's also had some help from Avera personal trainer Mark Shane. For any newcomer to the Avera Fitness Center, one-on-one time with a personal trainer is an absolute must.

"We'll take you through an initial health assessment and look at different markers for fitness and it's a good time to meet with someone to have an hour and sit down and talk about your goals and objectives and from there, they take the information and take you through an initial orientation so you get familiar up here." said Shane.

Weight is probably the biggest issue of men's health. It contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and is a big cause of pain and discomfort. But to start feeling better, both physically and mentally, doesn't take much.

“The first goal is to stop gaining weight so start small, stop the trend that is happening right now. You have to lose two pounds before you lose 20 pounds so obviously set realistic goals, set short-term goals that help you get to the long-term goal.” said Shane.

That means eating the right meals as well as making the gym a priority. Having a personal trainer like mark is great for keeping accountability, but there are also plenty of personal choices that factor in at home and work. For Gary, getting enough rest is just as important as exercise.  

“Really if you can get yourself into that same discipline as far as getting into a workout routine, get yourself into a discipline as far as getting to bed at a certain time and up at the same time every day today and pretty soon your body clock tells you when you need to get up, you don't even need an alarm clock.” said Gaspar.

Men like being independent in both life as well as the gym. While he could easily do his own thing, having a coach's guidance means every workout is pushing Gary to the max.

“To be honest the great thing about a personal trainer at least for Mark and my case is that he sets a roadmap for me and even the days when I'm not working with him, he gives me a plan that I can just follow and work to and it makes it a lot easier to stay on track.” said Gaspar.

Gary has taken ownership of his health and fitness and could probably do just fine working out on his own, but he still makes time to meet up with mark every now and then.

“Like I said to make sure they're not developing bad habits and maybe get some new ideas to keep things fresh and interesting so when they do develop a good consistent routine they stick with it as far as exercise but maybe mix it up and do some new things.” said Shane.

So what are you waiting for? Really there's no better day than today to make the gym a part of your new routine and new life.

“Anything that you want to do, if it's important, you should start it today and you just stick to it.” said Gaspar.

In addition to personal training, the Avera McKennan Fitness Center offers a variety of classes to help men and women of all shapes and sizes meet their fitness goals. For more information just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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