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Boyden, Iowa gets inches of rain in just a few hours

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In some areas, the weather hasn't seemed to let up. And that is true in Boyden, Iowa.

Thursday night the town got at least six inches of rain in just a few fours. 

The sun was shining Friday but Thursday was a different story in Boyden. Mayor Tim Lammers says the rain started around 4 p.m. and didn't let up. He attributes the flooding to the six inches of rain the town got last week. He says the ground was so saturated, there was no place for the water to go.

Mother Nature has a way with timing -- Friday night is the start of a weekend-long celebration of the town's 125th anniversary. About a year of planning has gone into it and the mayor says the show must go on.

Plans are being slightly altered -- with tents going up around the park. 

"The area we're standing in right here was under water and just off to the side here most of the park had about a foot of water in it. There was some areas that the water was about six feet deep down behind Denco and by some of their wagons and stuff," said Lammers.

Ginger Vanroekel lives right next to a creek in Boyden. She says when it started raining, the water started rushing into her house.

"It basically came in here from the patio and then worked its way up," said Vanroekel.

Vanroekel doesn't have a basement. When the water from the creek started spilling over, it came right into her back door. It was too much water for her to keep up with she says.

"Yesterday it was just coming, and coming and coming and coming and I thought oh my! But no, we have never seen it and my son kept saying 'who would have ever thought in Boyden, Iowa. This area is totally saturated. You know, it's squish squish so that all has to come up," said Vanroekel.

Vanroekel says what she's concerned about is mold setting in.

"So now we're going to have to get fans as soon as we get the the mud cleaned up out there and we're going to get fans and try to get some of this stuff, pull the carpet up and dry it off. Because in case the insurance, I mean this is a lot of carpet to replace. We're thankful it's not mud. Its just very, very wet. We walk on the carpets and they go swish, swish, swish -- funny, funny, funny," said Vanroekel.

Although Vanroekel has a lot of work to do on her house, she says she's just happy that everyone is okay. 

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