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Flooding could have damaged your driveway

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June has been a wild month of weather.

All the flooding has damaged people's basements and stalled out cars.

But there's a new concern, the ground under people's driveways is being washed away.

That causes the concrete above to crack, adding to the list of repairs homeowners need to make, which is where concrete companies step in.

All this rain has caused damage to many homes, but it's not just our basements that need repairs.

Lots of people's driveways are needing to be fixed as well.

"You can see the original pour line of where this concrete was originally poured. We have to lift that back into place," said President of Raise Right Concrete Lifting, Keith Koenig.

He explained the weather affects driveways more than we realize.

"Whether it be a drought, whether it be an over saturation of soils, it absolutely affects what we do," he said.

And then he has to fix it.

He said the drought a few years back, this winter's deep freeze and all the flooding has changed the composition of the soil.

"When you take the moisture content out of the base from 30% to say 10% shrinkage comes into play and when it shrinks concrete drops," he explained.

All of the rain means even more of the ground beneath your concrete is being washed away.

"Underneath here we know there's a 6 to 8 inch void underneath this concrete," Koenig said, "this guy is very fortunate, we've seen anywhere from 6 inch to 3 foot voids on account of this rain we've been receiving."

Now Koenig needs to pour more concrete in so it's lifted back to its original height.

If it's not fixed the driveway will keep cracking and that's happening to a lot of people.

"We're booked for at least a couple months throughout the summer here," he added.

To see if your driveway needs repairs you can bounce a basketball or hit your driveway with a stick.

Koenig says you'll feel the different vibrations.

Or you can check each side.

If it's pulled away, or you see a void on either side you should get it checked out.


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