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Lennox mobile home park saved from closing

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Monday, June 30th would have been moving day for an entire Lennox mobile home park.   

A few weeks ago, the park's owner told residents it was going to close on July 1st, but a new owner stepped forward to save the day.

There are many words to describe how the people who live there are feeling about the news.

Happy, excited, but mainly relieved are some of the words neighbors used to describe how they feel now.

Just last month, they were told they would have to find someplace else to live. But now, they can rest easy knowing their homes are safe.

In this Lennox mobile home park, good news travels fast from neighbor to neighbor.

Mobile home owner Marty Franklin said "it was scary. We were getting down to the wire and we didn't know what was going on."

Mobile home owner Christina Griego said "instead of having to move our home and move period, it's exciting for us. It's exciting for the community. We all became really close."

They also came close to losing their homes. The owner of the Central Mobile Home park announced he was closing the park on July 1st. But now a new owner saved the day and saved this community.

"Unfortunately, there's a few people who have left and we're going to miss them, but a lot of us have stayed and were willing to fight it out and say hey 'we're not going, not without a fight,' but we're here. We didn't have to fight so that's a great thing," Griego said.

And finding out they don't have to move is just more good news for Griego and her fiance.

"It's great, because it takes the weight off our shoulders. We just have to worry about getting everything together for the wedding," Griego said.

Griego's fiance David Gonsalez-Campos said "it's my first time. It's scary, you know, but at the same time, I'm excited."

And neighbors like Franklin look forward to fixing up their homes, inside and out.

"I'm actually able to decorate in there now. I got my furniture back in there, and now I've got decorations going up where as before, I was too afraid to hang anything. I didn't know if this was permanent," Franklin said.

And now that these homes don't have to become mobile, Franklin is very happy.

"Yeah, now that it is, I'm excited," Franklin laughed.

"We're just grateful that we get to stay. If there are new owners or whoever is keeping us here, we just want to extend a great thank you," Greigo said.

A local business owner is one of the new investors in the Central Mobile Home park.

He said Lennox already has a housing shortage and that to lose 17 families would hit hard for a small town.

The new owners see the park as an investment that will make money for them and provide a service for others.  They are confident they can make the park a success and have plans to clean it up and make it better for the residents.

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