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Businessman works to fight "out of state" stigma

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You're seeing them pop up all over Sioux Falls...tents that are temporary shops for hail repair.

Some of those folks are from out of state and you might be tempted to pass them by.

But one out-of-state operation talked to us because they want to fight the stigma that not being from here means unreliable work.

Under this tent you'll find some cars who have seen better days and you'll also find a man named Tony Dorsett. "When were fixing these cars we are actually shrinking the metal, those dents are stretched in the middle and we're shrinking it back up to where it was." Dorsett is from Austin, Texas and owns a company called "Dent Clinic".

When he heard about the big hail storm from a couple of weeks ago, he came up here, popped a tent and he was in business.

It sounds simple but it wasn't.

Because an out of state business like this has to file for a state tax license, a city of Sioux Falls license and his tent even has to be inspected by this guy....Sioux Falls Fire Inspector Steven Alberico. "The application is pretty self explanatory. It says any temporary membrane structure or tent...and we're dealing with...we're talking specifically about tents for hail damage."

But the toughest thing Tony Dorsett has to fight is the idea that out of state means poor workmanship and being out to make a quick buck. "Word of mouth is huge in my line of business. Referrals."

"I saw the tent, I came I asked them and it was so easy. They said they can fix in a few days." If word of mouth is important tony, then he should be glad his tent caught Nada Petrovic's eye.

She had "Dent Clinic" fix her car's hail damage and she tells us...she's happy. "I came and in 3 days my car is fixed and I am very very satisfied."

And as for the idea that profit is what drives Tony, he tells us sioux falls is one of the few cities he's been in that taxes labor fees. In other words...the tax license he had to file for? It's to pay tax to the city and state. "We're adding a benefit to your community. We're adding more tax base to your community."

And Tony says he only fixes what he can.

If the hail damage is just too much, he will turn them away and tell them to go to a body shop.


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