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Sioux Falls Area Humane Society turning away cats

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The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is having some trouble.

They say they have too many cats and can't take in any more.

Too many people are surrendering their cats.

By law, they have to take in strays, but that's not even where most of the cats are coming from.

"Right now, we have about 250 cats at least between here and foster homes," said Alma Sehovic who works for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

"The problem is we are too full on cats space wise. So we are asking people to hold on for a few weeks until we have more space," she added.

The humane society takes in animals of all kinds for all sorts of reasons, whether they're stray or not.

"Most of the cats that are being brought here are personal surrendered, given up cats. Most of them are not strays," said Sehovic.

She added financial reasons, not having enough time and because people are moving are the top three reasons owners have to surrender their animals.

"I would say with the amount of animals we get another year over 50% of our personal surrendered animals," she explained.

But, the amount of cats they have now is taking over the humane society.

They're having to place them in the front office and the other buildings.

"We're trying to do the best we can with our resources so we just ask people, we explain the situation and ask if they can hold on for just a few weeks," she continued.

Unfortunately, Sehovic says the amount of people surrendering their pets has been growing over the past number of years.

She believes it's from the growing population of Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities.

But they're hoping people will respect their overflow and try to find other arrangements.

"We ask them to hold on, maybe find something alternative, just for the time being, maybe friends or family," said Sehovic.

If you're looking to adopt any animal Sehovic hopes you'll consider the humane society.

You just fill out an application with easy questions and play with the animal to make sure your personalities match.

Sehovic added all of the construction their under isn't taking up much room for the animals.

They just had to shift some things around.

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