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Prison guards and hospital staff worked together to stop escape attempt

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 A man serving multiple sentences at the state penitentiary attempted to make a run for it Monday during a hospital visit at Avera.

Hospital staff also stepped in to help once they realized something was wrong.

Correctional officers and even hospital security do a lot of training for days like these, so that they're prepared for the worst.

Not all inmate escape attempts are made within the confines of prison walls.

South Dakota State Penitentiary warden Darin Young said "one of the most dangerous things that we do is off facility transports and we have a lot of those we do every year. We do a lot of measures to make sure that those are safe."

It was in a hospital bathroom at Avera McKennan, in room 1-136 in which inmate Alonzo Young allegedly tried to make a run for his freedom Monday.

Avera McKennan vice-president of hospitality Tom Bosch said "you hope and you pray that situations like this that occur, never go ahead and happen and occur. They can come knowing that we're trained in order to go ahead and handle those situations and that their safety is paramount."

After Young threatened officers, hospital staff called for more help.

"We're training and we have drills that we go ahead and we practice. We anticipate, with the hope that we'll never have to use them, but in the event that we do, we can go ahead and we can respond," Bosch said.

And whether it's a prison guard or hospital staff,  they're trained for an emergency response.

"Our training is what prevented a problem yesterday, the staff did their job, they did what they were trained to do and they kept the incident to a minimum," Young said.

"Whether they're a patient receiving care or a family member, or visitors, as well as the staff that we have the positions, the nurses, the remainder of the indirect patient care that they can be here and be confident that they are taken care of," Bosch said.

No one was hurt during the scuffle, but you could hear people in the hospital Tuesday, taking about what happened.

Having a prisoner try to escape, clearly had some staff members a little shaken up.

Warden Young said he's proud of his team and how they responded and prevented anyone from being hurt.

Alonzo Young is serving multiple, concurrent sentences. He has four years left but after this incident, that could change.  How inmate Young was able to take the medication that put him in the hospital or hide the object he used is still under investigation by DCI.

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