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Tea woman injured by neighbor's fireworks

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We've all been told the safety precautions around fireworks: Don't stand too close, kept back after it's lit. But one Tea woman was careful, and was still injured.

She said her family was all done lighting off fireworks and they were just watching other people's, when she felt a big pain in her eye.

Fourth of July fireworks are always a spectacle to see.

Unless they get too close.

"We were sitting in lawn chairs here and we had a fire pit going and the fireworks were over here and we were looking up in the sky and then all of the sudden, I had it in my eye," Ruby Zuraff said.

She said she was enjoying the view, until she wasn't.

"All I saw was pure like sand almost covering my whole eyeball it was just so much stuff in my eye," she explained.

She thinks one of her neighbors fireworks blew over to where she was and came to rest right in her eye.

"I immediately wanted to go wash out my eye, but I tried to go wash it and I just couldn't touch my eye because it was so painful. So, I decided to go wake up my husband to go into the Emergency Room," she said.

The doctor gave her numbing eye drops, which she says helped the pain as much as it could.

"I couldn't even open my eyes on Saturday. Sunday, I could open them and just very blurry out of the left eye and now it's still really blurry," she explained.

She said her eye lid was burned and her eyeball was scratched, but the doctors told her the eye is one of the fastest healing parts of the body.

"My eye is just a little lazy and I just can't see out of it and it's red down below a little bit," she said.

Next Fourth, Ruby is going to take extra safety precautions.

"I guess I never thought about wearing glasses, safety glasses and I guess that's a good thing to wear in the future. Just because you never know if it's going to hit you in the eye or not," she laughed.

Ruby said she wears her sunglasses pretty much all day because she's more sensitive to the light now.

Doctors tell her they expect her to make a full recovery.

Unlike in Sioux Falls, it is legal to light off fireworks that go into the air in Tea.

Doctors tell her they expect her to make a full recovery.

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