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Skyler Burchardi's family finds reason to be grateful for Angel Stevens

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Lots of people saw the car accident that killed Angel Stevens and injured 13-year-old Skyler Burchardi this weekend.

And many are struggling with the trauma of witnessing that tragic crash.

Skyler is getting better so his family is starting to deal with what happened.

But today, they learned one more reason to be grateful for Angel.

Traumatic experiences have a way of leaving a mark in our minds.

"I watched it and keep replaying it in my mind and keep wondering what I could have done different to avoid it at all," said Skyler's stepfather Jason Walls.

"Words don't describe what I feel. I don't think there is anything to describe it," he added.

He watched the accident that hurt Skyler and killed Angel Stevens unfold right before his eyes.

"It plays real fresh everyday. I've gotten three hours of sleep in the past 72 hours. I don't sleep," Jason continued.

Skyler is home from the hospital and he hopes now they can start processing what they saw.

"Now we'll have our time to sit and talk and discuss things," said Jason.

Which is what Triage Therapist Karla Harmon explains is the best thing to do.

"After a couple of days during that time, it's good to talk about it. Talk as much as possible," she said.

She said getting those feelings out will help.

"That's where talking about it really helps because it takes it from outside your internal world and it puts it out there," she explained.

Jason said that day was so tragic, yet had blessings, because of Angel, Skyler is here.

The family just learned Angel pushed Skyler out of the way of the van.

"She lived up to her name, as I said and Skyler said it in the hospital he's got his Angel, and it's true," said Jason.

Jason added a Native American man was here during the accident and blessed Skyler and Angel.

He doesn't know who the man is, but he wanted to say thank you.

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