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Proposal to make drinking illegal in Van Eps and Tower Parks

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As KSFY News first told you, neighbors are complaining about people drinking in parks near their house.

The Parks Department listened and drafted a proposal to make drinking in two Sioux Falls parks illegal.

In the past six weeks, there have been 55 calls to police about people drinking in parks.

Like Van Eps Park and Tower Park.

People are there day and night drinking, but the Parks Department is trying to put it to a stop.

"That is really comforting to hear. I would like it to be every park in town," said Sarah Stands who lives near Tower Park.

She hates that people are there day and night drinking and believes if visitors see this, they'll think poorly of Sioux Falls.

"If they ran into this or Van Eps park, they would be like 'Oh, wonderful, nice park,' you know? So I think people are really seeing the best of Sioux Falls and the worst at the same time and getting mixed signals," she explained.

Because of neighbor complaints, Don Kearney of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation is trying to stop the drinking.

"When people are doing that it really doesn't lend itself well to making it an attractive place for people to want to come," said Kearney.

The proposal would make it illegal to drink at Van Eps and Tower Parks.

Currently it is legal to drink malt beverages and wine.

"We just hope that in this case we'll be able to remove the problem out of these parks because that's certainly not where we want the undesirable behavior to happen," Kearney added.

"There's places kids can't go, there should be places where they for sure can go and know that there's not a drunk person there or drinking person," Stands said.

The Parks Department will talk about this proposal next month at their board meeting.

Then it will be up to City Council.

Kearney said it could be approved at the beginning of October.

The police have increased their patrol in the parks.

The incidents that do happen there are minor.

But they're hoping this ordinance will take care of the problem.


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