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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Starting school on the right foot

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Tennille Meyer and daughter Shylee check out her back-to-school footwear Tennille Meyer and daughter Shylee check out her back-to-school footwear
 Notebooks, backpacks, pencils and erasers. All are essential back to school supplies, but do any of them help your little student's feet? Here are a few 'steps' to ensure your child's school year starts on the right foot.

The playground and buses will soon be full again as another summer is coming to an end.

"It went by fast, really fast!" said Tennille Meyer.

For parents like Tennille, a quick summer means back to school shopping for her daughter Shylee. Shoes are this year's top priority.  

"Of course every kid in America I think needs tennis shoes whether it be for PE or sports but also just casual shoes that they want to wear everyday." said Meyer.

Like every good mom, Tennille has her own smart shoe shopping tips. Price plays a role, but every shoe goes through quite the audition.

"Just making sure that you get the right size, making sure that they try them on and if they are tennis shoes I have them try the shoes on with socks on to make sure that they fit properly, and lace them up and making them walk around, it all kind of plays a part in it." said Meyer.

Those 'steps' aren't just for fashion, they're an important part of your child's foot health.When it comes to kids feet any brand of shoe is going to be fine. What you should be looking for is a shoe that fits well to their foot.

"You want to make sure it's wide enough and when you get a new shoe you probably want to get it half an inch longer than their foot because they are going to grow into it but you don't want to get a shoe that is an inch or two inches too long. You don't want it to be too loose and have them cause blistering." said Dr. Travis Venner.

Dr. Venner is an orthopedic surgeon at Avera CORE Orthopedics who specializes in podiatry. He says a shoe with traction is also crucial in preventing playground slips and trips.
many kids and parents alike may have a brand name preference, but with constantly growing feet the name on the side isn't the most important feature.

"They can be a little bit spendy so it's not necessarily the price but you want to make sure that they fit well and feel good for them." said Dr. Venner.

Tight shoes are not only uncomfortable, they can lead to ingrown toenails and foot pain. But the worst kind of shoe for kids and adults alike? The flip-flop.

"Even a shoe like this is better than a flip-flop because it gives you some support at least and it gives you some cushion but it also has a back to it, I like shoes that maintain a back otherwise you have to curl your toes up in order to keep the shoe on so it throws your biomechanics off." said Dr. Venner.

Now you don't need to see your doctor to ensure you get the right shoe, but knowing the basics of what's best for your child will definitely get this upcoming school year off on the right foot.
Another good tip: the people selling the shoes are just as knowledgeable about which shoes work best for your feet so don't be afraid to ask them for help if you have questions. For more information about shoe shopping tips just call 877-AT-AVERA.

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