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No sidewalks by new Sioux Falls middle school

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The newly opened McGovern Middle School was built near a few busy streets in Sioux Falls.

It sits on Maple St. near Marion Rd.

The problem is, there isn't anywhere for people to walk on those roads.

Including students.

It forces people to walk on the street which doesn't even have much of a shoulder.

The school did take this into consideration when they were planning the build, but that doesn't always stop kids from walking on the road.

"Very disappointed. This morning when I was bringing my daughter to school there were a couple kids walking the streets. And I mean they were literally walking right on the white line," said Nick Underwood.

"It seems as if the school is so far out it would probably more convenient to have them there for the kids," said Michele Oliver.

Both parents have a child at George McGovern Middle School.

Principal LaVonna Emanuel said the school hasn't heard any complaints about kids walking to school.

"We want to be a neighborhood school as quickly as possible, but it's going to be a few years. So, in the meantime we're trying to problem solve and trying to figure out how to best bus 100% of our student population," Principal Emanuel explained.

It's not going to stop them and there's too many neighborhoods right around here, where it's easy for them to walk," said Underwood.

He has seen kids walking on the street and is very concerned for their safety.

"I'm glad they have school buses for everybody, but they should still have it set up so kids can walk. They did take the time to pave the roads and everything around this area that have been dirt and gravel roads. So I think they should take the time to at least put up some side walks," Underwood added.

Principal Emanuel wants all students to be safe and if anyone is walking to school, wants to find out why.

"We would definitely want to work with the family find out what's going on, did the child miss the bus? Just what's going on," she said.

The school district tells us the city is in charge of making sidewalks in Sioux Falls.

KSFY News reached out to them earlier, but haven't heard back.


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