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South Dakota Senate candidates debate money, priorities in Mitchell

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Today all four candidates running for South Dakota's seat in the U-S Senate, Republican Mike Rounds, Democrat Rick Weiland and Independents Larry Pressler and Gordon Howie, debated at Dakotafest in Mitchell.

And while they hit on a number of topics, all of them boiled down to you and your money.

Under a tent at Dakotafest, the crowded U-S Senate field worked to crowd in a number of issues.

From potential tax increases.

Independent Gordon Howie said, "We've had enough. It's not a problem that we are taxed too little. The problem is we have a bloated government and we need to reign it in."

To overcoming the current do nothing congress.

Republican Mike Rounds said, "They don't want folks to come on in and promise everything and then turn around and borrow it from the next generation."

They discussed reforming campaign finance.

Democrat rick weiland said, "People want honesty. They want to believe they are sending someone to Washington DC who is going to fight for them and not the big donors that are bringing them to the dance."

And one, Independent Larry Pressler, talked about the need to keep Obamacare in place. "As a practical matter, we need it. Maybe not in Sioux Falls or Rapid City but out across this state for many of our people. A lot of our people who are minimum wage."

Following the debate, we spoke with each candidate one on one to keep a sense of their priorities.

Independent Gordon Howie says Congress must get the federal budget in line. "We can cut our spending, we can reduce our debt and we can stop government growth."

Independent Larry Pressler says his priority is restoring bi-partisanship to Washington. "So rather than repealing Obamacare...impeaching Obama and all this stuff...I am going to try and work with him."

Democrat Rick Weiland says he wants to restore honor to Congress. "We've got a government whose approval rating is less than 10 percent. It's because they are not representing the people anymore."

And Republican Mike Rounds says he wants to reign in the Environmental Protection Agency and their proposed Carbon Tax which could drive up the price of gas and diesel for farmers. "It's going to drive up their costs on an enormous scale. We have to stop the EPA from doing damage to our national economy with this Carbon Tax."

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