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Gettysburg woman uses blogging to help grieve loss of husband

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 Megan Fischer married the man of her dreams on March 12, 2014. Less than two months later, her life would change forever.

"Nobody understands unless you go through it," Fischer said.

On April 27, 2014, D.J. Fischer and three others were killed in a plane crash south of Highmore. D.J. was the pilot. He was bringing the three others back from a quick trip to Texas to check on some cattle. When the plane was nearing Highmore it hit a wind turbine, killing all four men. 

Megan says D.J. died doing what he loved. She says his biggest passion was flying, and she knew that from day one.

"We had just started talking, and one week later we had our first date. He flew to Sioux Falls, and I got in that airplane with him, and we flew up and went around the campus of Brookings, since we had both graduated from there," she said. 

To help grieve the loss of her husband, Megan found some therapy through blogging.

"I just felt like I needed to share our story," she said.

Her blog is called, 'Hitting Rock Bottom and Choosing to Get Back Up.'

"I started blogging mostly for myself. There was so much that happened in a short amount of time. After that first blog was published there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders," she said. 

Her blog tells all about her relationship with D.J., from their wedding day on a beach in Mexico to D.J.'s funeral, what she says was "the hardest day of my life." As if things weren't hard enough losing her husband, just after D.J.'s death, she got unexpected news. 

"I found out I was pregnant three days after the accident, D.J.'s birthday. I was shocked, excited and heartbroken that that baby would never know his or her dad," she said.

At 10 weeks Megan miscarried, losing the only shot at having a part of D.J. live on. However D.J., Megan says, will not be forgotten.

"He was this great pilot and outstanding football player for the Jacks, but beyond that he was an incredible person. That's one of the things that made me so proud to be his wife. He was not only good to me, he was good to everyone and so well respected," she said.

Megan said she plans to stay in Gettysburg. She says it is her home now. It is where D.J.'s love for flying first began.

"I'll never move on without him, but I will move forward just as he'd want me to do," she said. 

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