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Severe storms rumble through South Dakota

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Saturday night's storms left their mark all over South Dakota.

In Mitchell an auto glass shop's roof was blown off.

A neighborhood was tossed, and cars were ruined.

In Sioux Falls, hundreds of people lost power.

High winds scattered branches across driveways and even broke a tree in half -- leaving neighbors to clean up the mess.

"It's not so bad. I'm just thankful and I thank the Lord it just didn't hit any houses, and it just laid across mine and my neighbors yards. So, I feel very blessed about that," said Cheryl Ziegler, who lost a tree in her front yard..

Luckily, no one was hurt, but a neighborhood in Mitchell had a big mess to clean up.

The renters and landlord came together to pick up the pieces the storm left behind.

"We were just inside hanging out enjoying the night, trying to have a good night, next thing you know the trailer just started shaking and everyone just started freaking out a little bit," said Allen Hallman.

He felt when the storm hit the neighborhood Saturday night.

"Within a minute it was done and over with and it's like it was aimed directly for us right here. No where else has a whole lot of damage, just right in this area," he explained.

Now, the clean up begins.

"We're just fixing the damage we can fix right now and getting everything back to where it should be, getting it back to where it's livable and safe," Hallman said.

Landlord Dave Artberry was on the road when the storm rumbled through.

"I was driving back into to town and my pickup almost got flipped from the gust of the wind. That was scary," he said.

Artberry couldn't believe the damage when he arrived to help his renters clean up the mess.

He thinks there's almost $500 worth of windows that need to be replaced.

"Everything is material, it's no big deal, I'm just glad none of my renters and no body else got hurt through this whole ordeal," he said.

The landlord said that same neighborhood was hit by a storm just as bad about 12 years ago.

He said it was weird to see the same path get damaged again.


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