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Ukrainian Americans say U.S. needs to step in now

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The unrest continues in Ukraine -- as Russia's involvement is becoming much clearer. For Ukrainian Americans here in South Dakota, it's hard to watch the images on television in their home country.

21-year-old Lesyk Voznyuk has lived in the U.S. since he was six-years-old. He hasn't returned to Ukraine since. 

"I'm still a Ukrainian and my heart still hurts for what's going on there," said Lesyk.

Lesyk's father Viktor has eight children -- all of whom are safe in the U.S. In fact, one of them is in the U.S. Military.

"It does make me (feel) safer when my children are here but it doesn't make me feel safe about the future," said Viktor.

Both agree, the U.S. needs to step in and it needs to happen now.

"You'd think in the 21st Century, you couldn't just move troops in and get away with it the way Russia has done. Despite what the Russian propaganda might say, they have no justification for anything they're doing. Yet at the same time, there's nobody really stepping in to stop them," said Lesyk.

"Some people are tired of the U.S. as a world police man but who should (it) be? Russia? China?" said Viktor.

If the U.S. doesn't step in, Viktor and his son think the U.S. will lose its super-power image. They say if you show Putin weakness, he'll see it as an opportunity.

"He's not stupid. He's a very smart guy but he's a smart guy with an agenda to build an empire and he wopportunisticstc . He knew he was counting on either a weak response or no response so no one's calling his bluff, essentially," said Lesyk.

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