Twins On Late Season Surge

Minnesota in hunt for AL Wildcard

SMSU gallops to No. 1 ranking

We want to keep getting better, and in the meant time, we want to win games, said SMSU head coach Terry Culhane.

NDAA to have positive impact on South Dakota

NDAA will expand U.S. missile defenses in response to North Korea's hostility, protect excess military bases from being closed -- and will go towards funding cyber security defense.

State law sparks student debt controversy

Students say the state is acquiring their loans, suspending driver's licenses for non-repayment.

Ask Avera: Preparing for hunting season

With the pheasant season home opener right around the corner, hunters are gearing up to the take the field. Viewers are asking how best physically and mentally prepare for the upcoming season.

Dogs help students strengthen reading skills

The Tail Waggin' Tutor program aims at helping elementary school students strengthen their reading skills.

Sioux Falls curfew is 11 p.m. for minors

The topic at the press conference held by the Mayor and Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns was curfew for kids, but both agreed that it really starts with parents.


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