Arizona Downs the Storm

Rattlers get 48-40 win

This Week in Politics: Starr's concerns about public transit, affordable housing

Sioux Falls City Councilor Pat Starr tells KSFY News he's concerned about federal funding drying up for Sioux Falls' Sioux Area Metro transit system. At the same time he says he is also keeping an eye on the issue of available, affordable housing in the city.

Leading-edge approaches in breast surgery

About one in eight women develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Through treatment advances and breast cancer screenings, more patients are surviving their diagnosis.

25th Annual Hot Summer Nites

The hottest nite of the year is celebrating 25 years on Wednesday.

Midco Kid's Zone

A Sioux Falls Corvette Club member talks about the activities in the kid's zone at Hot Summer Nites.


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