Bigger Machinery = Bigger Dangers

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Sponsored - As a farmer, you are one of the two percent. One of the handful of producers who provide the other 98% of the world’s population with the vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy they consume every day.

Better technology has allowed fewer people to produce a larger share of the world’s food than any time in history. One of the most obvious of those advances is larger, more powerful farm equipment.

In 1972, 12-row planters turned heads. Today, planters can cover 36, 48, even 54 rows. Farming has come a long way from a single horse pulling a steel plow!

However, bigger machinery brings increased risks and dangers. One that is often overlooked is the threat of large equipment coming into contact with live power lines.

Large equipment improves productivity, but leaves less clearance for overhead power lines. Contact with a live power line can be deadly and knowing what to do if it happens can mean the difference between life and death. is a website created by local Touchstone Energy Cooperatives to inform and instruct farmers how to survive if they come into contact with an overhead power line.

Take a few minutes to visit the site and learn what to do. It could save your life, or the lives of those who live and work on your farm.

Know what to do. Know where to call. Know how to stay alive. Because knowledge is power.

Be aware of electrical equipment around the farm and avoid distractions while operating farm equipment. Visit to learn more and help spread the word about the dangers of large farm equipment and overhead power lines.

Brought to you by your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.