10 highschoolers graduate from construction program

Sioux Falls, S.D. - It was a big day for 10 high school students as they graduated from the Southeast Technical Institute Construction Pre-apprenticeship program. The program between Southeast Tech and the Associated General Contractors launched in June.

It paired up those 10 high schoolers with contractors in the area to give them a look at the industry, to help with the skilled worker shortage. Graduates of the program said there’s so many things that go into construction and this experience has helped to showcase all of it.

“I feel special. I feel like after all this hard work it really paid off. There’s a lot that goes into it and buildings are always something that’s going to be needed. It’s a lot of hard work but at the end of the day you get this beautiful structure that people get to enjoy,” Program graduate Elizabeth Searles said.

Searles said because of this program she has a much better idea of what she wants to do in the future.