2016 Summer Olympics end

RIO DE JANEIRO - The Olympic flame has been extinguished and the Rio Games are over.

During Sunday's closing ceremony, singer Mariene de Castro was showered with water that resembled rain, which put out the Olympic cauldron's flames. Then fireworks shot from the top of Rio de Janiero's Maracana Stadium.

Moments later the arena turned into a samba-fueled Carnival-like party.

Confetti flew through the air as dancers dressed in elaborate costumes took to the stadium's floor. The party was a tribute to Rio's famous annual Carnival and samba marches.

Athletes got up from their chairs and danced alongside the costumed performers and a giant float featuring birds.

Earlier, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach declared the Rio Games over and the Olympic flag was formally handed over to the governor of Tokyo, which will host the 2020 Summer Games.

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