25th reunion for U.S.S. South Dakota crew members

Sioux Falls, SD It was a perfect morning for the crew members of the U.S.S. South Dakota who held their 25th reunion Saturday.

The Sioux Falls Municipal Band set the patriotic tone at Saturday's reunion at the battleship memorial.

Last year marked the 75th anniversary of the U.S.S. South Dakota and Saturday was the final reunion for the crew members who served on that ship.

"Its really great to get to meet with crew members from World War II who actually served on this battleship," Diane Diekman, the President of the Battleship South Dakota Memorial said. "We have I think seven of them here with us today,"

"I've been coming back here every year, every two years since I think the late 80s," U.S.S. South Dakota Veteran Leon Gee said.

Organizers say all of the surviving crew members are now in their 90s, so they felt this was the final opportunity to host a reunion.