Battle for softball supremacy pits Congresswoman Noem and others against the press

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Members of Congress and the press will meet once again on the battle-diamond on Wednesday for the eighth annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game.

The game is also a fundraiser for the Young Survival Coalition, a support and awareness non-profit for young women dealing with breast cancer. The game could draw an even larger crowd this year, raising over $200,000.

The women that create our laws are preparing to take on the women that cover them. They have been practicing twice a week in the mornings for about two and a half months.

Rep. Ed Pearlmutter (D-CO) has been helping to coach this squad for eight years.

"They listen, sometimes I kid them, and sometimes I encourage them," Pearlmutter said playfully.

While politicians have a reputation for sparing at work, Pearlmutter says the game provides a backdrop for friendlier competition.

"Playing softball and being a team, regardless of political party or issue or anything like that, just makes for a better environment for all of us to work together on bigger issues," Pearlmutter explained.

Representative Kristi Noem (R-SD) keeps her softball mitt in her Capitol Hill office, practicing in her spare time.

"It's pretty competitive, the members of Congress really want to beat the press," Noem said with a laugh.

Noem has been playing on the team for years, but tomorrow she will be playing in honor of a South Dakota mother of two, diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 34.

"What's very compelling about her story is that she doesn't have any family history of breast cancer," Noem said. "There was no warning signs, there was just a lump one day."

That mother is now a survivor and will be in the stands watching the game on Wednesday night.

"I do feel that added pressure because I certainly want to play well," Noem said. "She's going to be watching me, knowing that I'll be playing in honor of her and her family."

For three years now, Congress has dominated the field and they are hoping for a fourth victory on Wednesday.