3M and NSU will light up Wachs Arena maroon during basketball games

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'I Hate Winter' Weekend at Northern State University is an annual second homecoming during the basketball season.

The Men and Women's basketball games generally pull in five thousand or more people during this weekend.

This year, the games may attract even larger crowds, thanks to a partnership between the school and 3M.

"It's just insane, the atmosphere in here, other teams do not like coming over 'I Hate Winter' weekend because it's a tough atmosphere for them to be in but its really fun for our students and fans.," said Ashley Gauer, Assistant Athletic Director for Communications.

After attending a Minnesota Vikings game, where fans lit up the stadium purple, the NSU Director of Athletics got an idea for this year.

"We were able to get maroon film for the Northern State University game on Saturday," said Andy Rehder, Acting Plant Manager at 3M Aberdeen.

Before the Men and Women's basketbal games, fans will come together to light up Wachs Arena in maroon.

"For our starting lineups, we're going to turn off all the lights in the arena, and the announcer is going to let everybody know turn their flashlights on, and the hope is that it just glows maroon in here," Gauer said.

This is a first of it's kind event at the collegiate level, and 3M is excited to be involved.

"This brings a couple of things we're really passionate about, both our science and our innovation together," said Rehder.

NSU is looking forward to seeing the community of Aberdeen share one common bond.

"To even pull everyone together where we're lighting the arena up all as one, I think it's going to be something to see," said Gauer.

The 3M films will be handed out to fans before the game, and used to light up Wachs Arena during the player introductions.