40-year classic car collection goes to online auction

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MOBRIDGE, S.D. It's a type of auction that keeps classic car collectors awake all night. Mobridge resident Kerry Droog is selling more than 300 of his vehicles to the highest online bidder. We stopped by to see why he's deciding to sell his collection.

It's a passion that started at a young age. Kerry's father was an auctioneer teacher, so at age five, Kerry was holding up various auction items to help out. It stemmed the growth of Kerry finding trinkets all over the place to take home and begin a collection. Small objects soon turned into something big - cars.

It's a classic car collection spanning over the past 40 years. "I'm not going to get them all fixed," says Kerry, the owner of K&K Auto. "It's hard to come to terms with that in your head, but I guess I'm dealing with that the best I can."

All of his vehicles were found in auctions around the area, so Kerry didn't have to look too far in finding exactly what he wanted.

So far, his collection reaches up 2,500 cars. In this particular auction, he's only selling 306 of them. He wanted to make a statement and stir the pot a little bit, which is exactly how things are playing out. He's seeing interest in his vehicles from California, Colorado, Nevada and South Carolina. But, the most unique buyer he's heard from is in Denmark.

"We had an interesting conversation. I bet we spoke for 45 minutes and it was a ball. . . it was kind of cool to talk to her."

Kerry's collection knows no boundaries. If he saw something that sparked his interest, he dragged it home. He feels like the variety of cars you can find is what makes his car collection so unique.

As someone who hates to see history disappear, there are a few models he'll miss seeing the most in his yard. His big passions are '68 Chevy Half-Ton Pickups as well as Dodge Flat Fender Power Wagons.

"I hope someday whoever buys them sends me a picture of what they did with it,. That would be nice because then I can say someone did something with it."

This isn't the last auction Kerry plans on having - the next one could involve some of his old-time signs, trinkets as well as more cars from his collection. So stay on the lookout to snag your own piece of history.

Bidding for the current auction runs through Monday, June 26th. If you don't want to bid and just want to look, there's quite a few interesting things that might peak your interest! The link to the site with all of the cars is located to the right of this article.