Made in South Dakota: Crazy About Cupcakes in Mitchell

MITCHELL, S.D. (KSFY) - Walking down Main Street in Mitchell, just southwest of the Corn Palace you've maybe seen a colorful shop called 'Crazy About Cupcakes.' Take a step inside, you will find a colorful hangout spot filled with sweets.

"We are so incredibly lucky to have a place like this in town," Mitchell resident Renee Polreis said.

It's definitely unique to the community. Crazy About Cupcakes has been open for four years now. Robin Weins and her husband Casey work side by side providing specialty cakes and cupcakes as well as many other sweets to people in the area. Before the store, Robin actually ran the business at home.

"I did this out of my home, and it just kept growing and growing, and I kind of just went for it, on a whim," Robin said.

Robin says they have more than 150 flavors of cupcakes.

"When people come in and ask us what flavors we do have, I mean it's endless. They could come up, ask for a flavor and we could probably do it for them," she said.

"We love Robin, she's the best. We have put her through some high expectations with our cakes, and she always comes through," Renee said.

Robin says people in Mitchell have been supportive of her passion.

"It's scary at first, and you just have to trust yourself and just go for it. The community has supported us, and it's just been really amazing," she said.

She says business has only continued to grow.

"Last year was one of our busiest years. This year we have some more weddings, and we are hoping for more next year," she said.

Check out Crazy About Cupcakes' Facebook page at the attached link.