45th annual EmBe fundraiser continues to empower, inspire

An event Thursday will recognize women, men and businesses that strengthen the Sioux Falls community.

With nine different categories, the 45th annual EmBe Tribute to Women will not only raise money for the organization itself but continue to inspire for generations to come.

Lucy Albers is the Senior Marketing Manager at SMG inside the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center.

"I was always the type of person that thought I'd have to move out of Sioux Falls to find something I love. I am lucky everyday for doing something I love to do and get to be in SF to do it," Lucy Albers said.

She was nominated in the Young Woman of Achievement category for the 2018 Tribute to Women.

"I was shocked. I didn't see it coming at all!"

Aside from her full-time job, Albers is an active volunteer across Sioux Falls, setting a personal goal to volunteer 100 hours every year.

"I'm one of those people who wants to leave the world in a better place. Sometimes I just think that the little things we can do on a daily basis help create a bigger picture for everyone else," Albers said.

"There's no end to the amount of things she plugs into and helps out with and I think that's really incredible," EmBe Marketing Director Abby Bischoff said.

Abby Bischoff is organizing the Tribute to Women, knowing very well the impact it makes in our community.

When we recognize the work these women are doing, I think it allows others to see the opportunity that exists for them. By seeing someone doing really great work in health care and stem, it allows people to see that and want to make a difference too," Bischoff said.

Albers is looking forward to celebrating the nomination with her fellow nominees.

"I've attended the Tribute and nominated women before so it was really cool to have a community around me that thought I was worthy of that too," Albers said.

Bischoff said this is EmBe's biggest fundraiser of the year. It allows the organization to continue programming that develops young women in their careers as well as programming for boys and girls in youth development, skills and childcare/daycare.

For more information about Tribute to Women, to see the nominees and categories or to buy tickets, visit the 'related links' section of this page.