Thune receives bison head from South Dakota taxidermy shop

Senator John Thune received a new addition to one of his offices in Washington, D.C.

The South Dakota delegate added a bison head to his majority whip office at the U.S. Capitol building.

The taxidermy was done by Golden Hill Taxidermy in South Dakota. Owner Gary English traveled to the nation's capitol to oversee the mounting process.

Thune said the bison is such an important part of South Dakota's history.

"The bison is a symbol, certainly of South Dakota, we're the biggest bison producing state in the country," Thune said. "And so much associated with our heritage and our past. When the settlers came to our part of the country, it was a matter of survival. When it came to food and clothing and shelter and everything else, the bison played an enormously important role and continues to this day to be something that we really like to showcare in South Dakota."

Taxidermist Gary English says he's done work for celebrities like Tom Selleck and Jim Cabela.