Minn. officer inspires hundreds through simple act of service

A Minnesota police officer grabbed a mower and started cutting an elderly's woman's grass when she explained she didn't have any help. / Source: Orono Police Department
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ORONO, Minn. (Gray News) - A heartwarming moment of a Minnesota police officer is inspiring hundreds of people on Facebook.

When Officer Matt Sitala got a call for a welfare check on an elderly woman, he noticed the overgrown lawn at her house.

He asked why the yard was in such bad shape. The woman told him that she didn't have anyone in her life who could help her with yard work.

That was about to change.

Sitala grabbed a lawnmower and got to work cutting the woman's grass.

Another officer took a picture of Sitala and it was posted to Facebook.

Now, hundreds of people on Facebook want to know how they can get in touch with the woman to help. Police commented that they would have more information for people in the coming days.

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