8th annual Roller Derby Summer Camp

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Coaches from around the country are teaching kids self-confidence and teamwork through roller derby.

The Sioux Falls Junior Roller Derby summer camp is happening this week at the W.H. Lyon fairgrounds.

It's the 8th year of the event. Guest coaches from Kansas and Oregon are teaching the kids footwork, strategy, and how to avoid penalties.

Organizers are also teaching the kids to embrace their physical appearance.

"You might have someone who is really small that wishes they were taller, well guess what, your size is an advantage when you're jamming," said Jayme Nelson, 'Pain Maker. "Cause they have a hard time catching you if you're little. Let's say you're a bigger girl like I was. Once I got into derby I realized I could use my size to my advantage."

The Sioux Falls team is part of the Junior Roller Derby Association.

The camp runs through Friday.