Teen gets Make-A-Wish trip of a lifetime to New Zealand

It was the trip of a lifetime for Kinsey Capaldo. She qualified for Make-A-Wish because she faced a Mycoplasma Pneumonia. What looked like flu-like symptoms turned into much more in October 2015.

"It was clear she was not getting better, and the doctor told us to go into the ER. She had to be intubated as her lungs were collapsing. There was an atypical pneumonia that was extremely hard for them to diagnose what it was," Kinsey's dad, Jim, said.

It wasn't an easy road for Kinsey. She ended up in the ICU in Sioux Falls and went into cardiac arrest three times. She then was transferred to Masonic Children's Hospital in Minneapolis where she received a procedure that was the last possible step to save her. It did.

She is here today to receive her wish from Make-A-Wish, and the wish she chose was to go to Queenstown, New Zealand.

Kinsey her two brother and parents went on the trip in January 2017.

"When we were sought by Make-A-Wish to have this trip it just all of a sudden set this excitement in our family," Kinsey's mom, Kari, said.

She adds that the anticipation up to the trip was also a thrill for the family.

"It was really just a blessing because we had just been so busy with everything. I had my sickness and just went back to school," Kinsey said.

The trip was an adventure filled with kayaking, white water rafting, parasailing, boat rides and so much more.

Make-A-Wish grants wishes to more than 50 kids a year in South Dakota. Each wish typically costs around $7,000. Referrals can be made by medical professionals, parents, family members or the sick children themselves.